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5 Most Common Thoughts or Misconceptions Regarding Ice Designs

Article written & submitted by Rich Reinelt
Festive Ice Sculptures & The Chocolate Fountain Co.

I have always found ice sculptures fascinating. Actually, I find any mundane object used by an artist to create a work of art fascinating. But, ice sculptures add an extra element to the equation. After all, ice melts and breaks; so ice sculptures must be delicate and short lived. At least that is the first thought that comes to my mind when I think of ice sculptures. But is ice really delicate? Or is it a strong and durable material perfect for artistic manipulation resulting in an awesome display of beauty.To learn about ice sculptures I turned to an amazing an artist of Ice Sculptures in Watford Ontario. Rich at Festive Ice Sculptures & The Chocolate Fountain Company was gracious enough to explain some of the myths and facts concerning ice sculptures.


5 Most Common Thoughts or Misconceptions Regarding Ice Designs

#1. I can't afford an ICE SCULPTURE.

The first time anyone lay's their eyes upon an ice design at a function, the shear size and sparkling crystal clear ice looks like a piece of art. Their thoughts are WOW, this must have cost a fortune. SURPRISE With a little bit of research you will quickly see that an ice design at your event will not break your budget. Most full block (280lbs of ice) ice designs start at about $350.00. This price usually includes delivery, set up, a display tray to retain and drain water and lighting to enhance the ice sculpture.

festive_ice_2.jpg#2. It will just MELT and disappear.

YES, it will melt but will not disappear. The shear size of the block of ice a carver starts with is the secret to the life of an Ice design. A full block of ice's dimensions are 40" tall x 20" wide x 10" thick which translates to a block of ice which weights 280lbs. WOW, that's a lot of RYE & COKE's (lol). A well seasoned carver will transform this block of ice into a sparkling ice design which will last your entire event (most events last about 6 hours). Your ice design at the end of your event should still resemble what it started out to be. Yes, it will melt slowly over the course of the evening but because of the sear size of the block, your ice design will still look awesome at MIDNIGHT.

#3. Winter is the only time for Ice Sculptures. What if my event is in the Summer time and it is a very HOT time of year?

Whether your event is in the SUMMER, WINTER, SPRING or FALL your ice design will still melt at the same speed. WHY? All banquet halls or indoor event locations are climatized using the sample normalizing temperature setting . So, it does not matter what time of year your event is held the surrounding temp around the ice design will be the same.

festive_ice_1.jpg#4. I want an ice design but have no idea of what I would like.

This is where our experience as carvers start to play a very large part in your decision making of an ice design. The possibility are endless. Bring an idea to a carver and he will bring it to life in ice. That's our job. That's our goal. With a little information, (like - Is there a theme to your wedding? What are your colors? What time of year is your event? How long is your event? Ethnic or cultural themes) an ice carver can create a personalized and special design. You can, also, search the web to find the unlimited supply of ice designs which have been created and can be recreated by most ice carvers. All these questions will assist you in deciding your ice design.

#5. How do I get it there? What about the melting water?

Most carvers have a complete service which includes delivery and set up. With this in mind my services includes delivering the ice design to the event, setting up the ice design just prior to the event starting, supplying a display tray which retains and drains the water to a pail under the table And under lighting which shines up from underneath the ice design which makes it sparkle like crystal.

So with all this in mind, having an ice design at your wedding or special event can be a very simple and elegant experience. The Ice sculpture will get all the UUUU's and AAHHH's your looking for and an experience which will leave a lasting impression for you and all your guests. Think about it no other party decoration is as cool as an ice sculpture.

Article written & submitted by:


Rich Reinelt
Festive Ice Sculptures & The Chocolate Fountain Co.


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