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Get Married Now, During A Recession!
Article written & submitted by Lauren Drysdale
Drysdale Weddings and Events, Oakville ON 

A lot of couples who have recently become engaged are thinking of saving their money for a few years and have decided to get married in 2010 or 2011.  Many couples believe because of the current state of our economy they should wait until the markets have stabilized and job security increases.


In many respects though, getting married in 2009 is a more economical choice!  You would think this idea is counter productive, but getting married this year will probably save you money versus a wedding a few years from now.


I tell all of my clients the biggest cost in planning a wedding is your reception.  Right now, because of the economic downturn, reception and banquet halls are more willing to negotiate pricing with couples.  In the past few years, when money was flowing and no one was worried about losing their jobs, banquet managers stood strong on their prices and wouldn’t negotiate (that was because right behind Couple A was Couple B, willing to pay $150 a plate for their reception).


Now, banquet facilities are willing to negotiate with couples and planners on their pricing, and many are having ‘wedding specials’ where either prices are being slashed or a lot of extra perks are being included in packages.


So, couples can really cash in on a more extravagant wedding or have a reception with the full open bar, champagne toasts, and seafood buffets without paying extravagant prices.


These savings are not only being reflected in your reception hall-you can find huge discounts, perks, and added extras in all aspects of the wedding industry.  Florists, transportation companies, bakeries, dress shops, (and pretty much anyone else you can think of) are giving a lot of extra services and lower prices to entice clients to sign contracts with them.


Another perk is the availability of dates.  Traditionally, Friday and Sunday weddings are more popular with couples looking to save money.  But, because fewer couples are getting married this year, there are a lot more dates to choose from.  So, if you prefer a date that falls on a Saturday many companies are still giving great prices for Saturday weddings-some of them are comparable to Friday/Sunday pricing.


Also, imagine this scenario:  You were engaged at the beginning of 2009, when no one was sure where the economy was headed.  So, you put off booking a wedding date (along with everyone else who got engaged in the past six months) until later in the year.  Let’s say the economy begins to recover towards the end of 2009 and confidence increases.  What’s going to happen?  Every single couple that got engaged this year will be scrambling for reception halls and all of their vendors!  You might be waiting until 2012 by the time everyone does their bookings!


So, even though it might seem completely crazy to book a wedding now, it is actually one of the best times to capitalize on getting married.  You will end up saving more money as companies want your business and are willing to negotiate prices.  Once our economy rebounds, prices will go up and you could be paying more.  So, take advantage and consider a wedding in 2009!

Article written & submitted by:


Lauren Drysdale
Drysdale Weddings and Events

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