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Fiesta Percussion

Fiesta Percussion
FIESTA PERCUSSION brings your special event to life. Bringing years of experience & professionalism to the table. Independantly, and through an extensive network of talented specialty musicians, I incorporate live drumming and music at your event to add a unique and memorable element you won’t soon forget!!


SOLO: Free-style drummer jamming away to whatever the DJ is spinning, My set-up includes an interesting array of different drums and noise makers. The sound is never the same, but the result is great sounding catchy beats!!

SAMBA CARNAVAL!! Mini samba bateria (drum group) with costumed dancers AFRICAN BEATS: More African inspired tribal style drumming (solo, or with DJ) DRUM & RHTHYM GAMES: Interactive & fun drum games with event attendees FLAMENCO FIRE: Flamenco style traditional guitar with accompanying cajon percussion.

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These are just some of the services offered. Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or custom requirements.
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