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Cliff Spicer Photography

Cliff Spicer Photography
Great wedding photography is about capturing the emotion and passion of the day. It's also about people laughing with you, crying with you and in sharing the start of your journey together. Wedding photography is not about worrying that everyone's tie is exactly straight, or lining up the bridesmaids with mathematical accuracy. This is too mechanical and doesn't reflect what really happens. One must pay attention to details, but the real memories are never planned and executed. They simply happen and it is my job to be there when they do. My work is about showing you all that you missed and even more importantly what future generations missed. It is a privilege that I am let into a couple's private life for a day and I strive to capture the day with the dedication and commitment necessary to provide you with great wedding photography.
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  • 90 Kings Crescent, Ajax, ON, L1S 2M6
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