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Foto Flare Photography

Foto Flare Photography
Foto Flare Photography is known for being original and creative in every photography situation. We take the time to get to know you so we get a great idea of what your vision is for your wedding day, and are able to reflect your personalities through our photographs.

Foto Flare's photojournalistic style captures the energy and emotion of your wedding day in a collection of creative images from the formal aspects of the wedding to the unplanned surprises. Your wedding day should be relaxing and enjoyable; standing in a line for hours smiling for a camera is not fun. So let's be spontaneous and go to the location of your first date or go to a beautiful waterfall because...

The possibilities are endless and the memories will last a lifetime!

Thanks for your interest and be sure to drop by for more information.
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  • 91 West Avenue North , Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 5C1
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Client Testimonials
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Comments: Of all the decisions that needed to be made for our wedding, the most difficult one for us was who was going to be our photographer. We were extremely nervous about making that decision because once the wonderful day is over; all we have left to show for it are the pictures. In my opinion, a photographer has to have similar points of view as the couple getting married because there are many different styles of pictures and if the couple does not have similar ideas about what they want for pictures as the photographer, then no one is going to have a good time and be satisfied with the final product. A friend referred us to Lucas from Foto Flare. One of the great qualities Lucas possesses is that he is flexible with his times because my husband and I do shift work so sometimes it was very difficult to organize photo shoots. Lucas puts in 100% when he is on the job. He truly loves to take beautiful, creative shots of people and create memories that will last a lifetime. If I could show my wedding book that he has created for us, everyone would see what I'm talking about because the book tells our story. We decided against a videographer because our hope was that the photographer would tell the story better than a video and it did, predominately because of Lucas' hard work and dedication to making us happy with the final product. Lucas was always punctual, courteous, and nice to all our guests including ourselves. The greatest gift that Lucas has is that he is able to catch moments that speak for themselves with his camera and that he knows how to put all his shots together to tell a beautiful, memorable story with creativity and originality. We made a very good decision by choosing Lucas at Foto Flare because we got exactly what we wanted: our special day told by pictures in a book that will last forever.
Thank you so much Lucas.
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