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By advertising your business on The Happy Bride Wedding Directory, not only are you being exposed DIRECTLY to your target market, but you are also giving your satisfied customers a chance to tell other Brides about the great service they received from you! And what does every business thrive on? REFERRALS! And how do we attract your target audience to our site, you ask? By getting noticed where it matters most today,  on the internet!

Let’s face it. In this day in age it is extremely important to have a presence on the internet, no matter how big or small your business is. Even if you don’t have a flashy website, people want to be able to find you and information about your service online. Gone are the days of Brides spending countless hours flipping through phonebooks and making calls comparing services.

At The Happy Bride, we are able to attract Brides to our site and keep them coming back.  By offering FREE, easy to use planning tools to assist them in every aspect of their wedding planning, from customizable checklists to mailing labels, we’ve got them covered from the engagement to “I Do”.

Already advertise on an internet directory? Have you ever tried looking up your business? Did you notice how completely unrelated services seem to pop up at the top of the list just because they happen to pay the big bucks to have their listing placed under every category possible, in every location possible? At The Happy Bride, when a Bride does a search looking for a Photographer servicing the City of Hamilton, that is what she can expect to find, not a giant drug store chain located in British Columbia because they happen to sell cameras!

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