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What is a Honeymoon Registry?

Article written & submitted by Erik Anderson

What is a Honeymoon Registry? 

A honeymoon registry works the same as a regular gift registry from a department store. Instead of creating a registry for people to buy you linens, toasters and crock-pots you create a registry to have guests donate towards your honeymoon.

As more and more couples are living together and people are getting married older they already have all the household things they really need. So in the last decade different types of ways for people to help pay for honeymoon have come about.

Some travel companies offer ways for people to call and donate towards their honeymoons but this seems less personable and less like giving a gift. is Canada's original Honeymoon Registry Service that is not a travel agency but provides a free registry service for future brides and grooms to have friends and family make donations towards their honeymoons. With free honeymoon registry you will be able to create the honeymoon of your dreams and make it a reality. Your wedding guests will visit your honeymoon registry and purchase a monetary gift online towards your honeymoon. At the time of your wedding will send you one cheque for the total amount of gifts received from your honeymoon registry. They are not a travel agency! You get to shop around wherever you like and find the best deal for your honeymoon. They provide a great way for you to receive monetary gifts towards your dream honeymoon!

Even 20 years ago the thought of an online registry to give monetary donations towards a honeymoon would have been thought to be impossible and maybe inappropriate. In today's generation it makes perfect sense for the bride and groom and for the guest. The bride and groom get to list items of all dollar amounts and have guests purchase them something they want to do on their honeymoon and help pay for things like hotels, snorkelling and airfare. Today's wedding guests love the easy way to buy the bride and groom what they want and being able to take five minutes online picking a purchase item out of the registry, leaving a happy note and then knowing they can just go to the wedding and have a great time! It's a win-win for everyone and the bride and groom know they are getting a nice cheque at their wedding that they can put towards their honeymoon.

Some honeymoon registries have a service charge for the bride and groom and for the guests. At Canada's original honeymoon registry service they only put the small service charge on the guest making the purchase. This way the couple gets all the money that people donated to them. An example transaction at would be: guest sees $100 for a "dinner on the beach" requested it will cost the guest $109 to purchase it for the couple the $100 goes to the couple and $9 to for taxes, service and secure delivery of the money all of this is less than going to a store and paying 13% or more for a wedding gift and you don't have to leave your home.

If you are still curious to learn more or get more details then go to and check out their website and FAQ section or send them an email to their customer service department.

Honeymoon registries are a new and exciting trend in the wedding world for couples to pay for honeymoons and destination weddings. It is possible as this trend grows that every Canadian within a few years will attend at least one wedding that has a honeymoon registry. Who knows it might even be your own!


Article written & submitted by:


Erik Anderson

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