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Why a Makeup Artist Is Important on your Wedding Day

Article written & submitted by Sharon Kam
Sharon's Inner Beauty 

Why a Makeup Artist is Important on your Wedding Day 

Considering your wedding day stands to be one of the most important days of your life, it is thoroughly recommended that you hire a professional makeup artist. Everyone who attends a wedding wants to see what the bride looks like. With all eyes trained on you, you will want to look radiantly beautiful.

Wedding photographs are the physical memories you keep for a lifetime; not only will your wedding photographer be shooting hundreds of shots, but many guests also take photos. A professional makeup artist is aware of what sort of effects photography can have on your makeup. For example, without correctly applied makeup you can look washed out when your photograph is taken with a flash.

Makeup artists are very aware about the level of makeup to apply to ensure that it lasts the duration of your wedding day. You would probably never dream of applying the amount of makeup they do without feeling like you are painting on a clown’s face. They have the skill to apply many lasting layers of makeup and still make it look natural.

The majority of brides find themselves pulled in every direction on their wedding day, with many brides commenting afterwards that the day flew by. Finding time to do your own makeup isn't realistic. Typically a makeup artist can work on your face while someone else works on your hair or fingernails. You don't need extra stress on your wedding day, you deserve to be pampered.

To put things in perspective, the cost of hiring a makeup artist is one of the more reasonable wedding costs, typically no more than $100. Compared to wedding dresses, photographers and the reception, it is a very small indulgence to which to treat yourself. You would be unlikely to have a novice take your photos, or make your wedding dress, so why compromise on your makeup?

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and don’t forget your make-up too”

Article written & submitted by:


Sharon Kam
Sharon's Inner Beauty

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